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Accolades and Adventures: News from OLL Students, Alumni, and Faculty

September 4, 2012 in Fall 2012

Congratulations May 2012 Graduates!

Awards for Graduates:


  • Dustin Clark, Christopher Frey Outstanding Military Learner Award
  • Raymond Graves, Professional Collegiality Award
  • Wes Green, Malcolm Knowles Outstanding Student Award
  • James Pepoon, Community Engagement Award
  • Deborah Turner, Resilience Award


  • Dr. Denise Cumberland, R. Wayne Pace Award in Human Resource Education
  • Dr. Denise Cumberland, Graduate Dean’s Citation
  • Angela LeAnn Fox, Graduate Dean’s Citation
  • Leslie Pierce, Human Resource Education Community Engagement Award

Student Accolades and Adventures

  • Lorraine Bormann, Denise Cumberland, and Jeffery Young earned their doctorates in the Human Resource Development concentration of the Educational Leadership and Organizational Development Program.
  • Josh Jordan (Ph.D. student), presented a research paper entitled “Army Talent Management: Comparisons to Current Research” at the 2012 Spring Research conference held at the University of Louisville.
  • Whitney Martin (M.S., 2011), Dr. Ann Herd, Dr. Meera Alagaraja, and Dr. Brad Shuck presented a research paper at the 2012 Academy of Human Resource Development conference entitled “The Practice Research Gap in the Use of Workplace Assessments for Selection: A Content Analysis of Top Scholar and Practitioner HR Publications.”
  • Paula Soder (M.S. student), earned certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).
  • Devon Twyford (Ph.D. student), presented a research paper entitled “HRD and Small Business” at the 2012 Spring Research conference held at the University of Louisville.
  • Christine Wiggins-Romesburg (Ph.D. student), presented a research paper at the 2012 Academy of Human Resource Development conference entitled “When Feedback Fails: Cognitive Processes that Impede Feedback Interventions from Delivering the Desired Performance Improvement.”
  • Lt. Yosef Yisrael (B.S., 2011), designed an educational open house at Saunders Springs Nature Preserve for his Bachelor’s Capstone Project.
  • UofL-SHRM Student Chapter – The first meeting of the University of Louisville’s Society for Human Resource Management Student Chapter (UofL-SHRM) was held February 6th. The following individuals were named officers: Brandyn Brown, President; Lea Ann Nunn, Vice President; Michele Theobald, Secretary, and Wendi Sachs, Treasurer. Thank you to Dr. Ann Herd for graciously volunteering to serve as faculty advisor. Shelly Trent, Regional Director for SHRM, presented: “Getting your foot in the door: Certification, Education, and Networking.” A second meeting was held April 5th. Jeff Prewitt from the Jefferson County Sherriff’s office presented: “The strategic role of HRM, and how it should/could/does fit into the organization’s strategic planning process.”

Alumni Accolades and Adventures

  • Ivonne Abando-Alzate (M.S., 2011), was featured in a front-page article in the Courier-Journal about international students in Kentucky.
  • Denise Cumberland (Ph.D., 2012), became a faculty member and Director of the Master’s in Business Communication at Spalding University.
  • Miranda Hines (M.S., 2010), is now the Manager of Professional and Organizational Development at Bluegrass Community and Technical College.
  • Elvin Serrano (M.S., 2011), started a position as a Learning Technology Consultant at Humana.

Faculty and Staff Accolades and Adventures

Dr. Matt Bergman:

  • Accepted a full-time position as Assistant Professor in Organizational Leadership and Learning. He completed his Ph.D. in May;
  • Received the 2012 National Academic Advising Association Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Advising;
  • Won the prestigious Provost’s 2012 Award for Exemplary Advising in recognition of his dedication to our students and to our program.

Dr. Rod Githens:

  • Nominated for University-wide award of Outstanding Faculty Mentor of Doctoral Students.

Dr. Ann Herd:

  • Received UofL’s Award for Adult Learner Faculty Member of the Year for 2012.

Dr. Pradeep Kotamraju:

  • Was quoted in a Wall-Street Journal article about vocational education.

Dr. James Stone:

  • Was a featured guest on the Kathleen Dunn Show (Wisconsin Public Radio), and discussed the importance of community and technical colleges;
  • Was cited in an article in The Atlantic regarding career and technical education.

Mark Casey:

  • With Kris Roy, Office of Military and Veterans Affairs, Jennifer White, Office of the President, and Jimmy Henderson, Alumni Affairs will be representing the University at the 2012 Department of Defense – World Wide Education Symposium at the MGM Grand, July 22-27. The University of Louisville will be an exhibitor at the event to promote the Organizational Leadership and Learning degree programs to the military community.

Faculty Presentations and Publications

Dr. Meera Alagaraja:

  • Led a Food ‘n’ Thought session at the 2012 Academy of Human Resource Development conference to discuss the book by Dr. Jack J. Philips and Lisa Edwards entitled Managing Talent Retention: An ROI Approach.
  • Published a research paper in Human Resource Development International entitled “National Human Resource Development in Practice.”
  • Published a research paper in Human Resource Development Review entitled “Development of a National HRD Strategy Model: Cases of India and China.”
  • With Dr. Brad Shuck, presented a research paper at the 2012 Academy of Human Resource Development conference entitled “Exploring Linkages Between Organizational Alignment and Employee Engagement.”
  • With Dr. Toby Egan, presented a research paper at the 2012 Academy of Human Resource Development conference entitled “The Strategic Value of HRD in Lean Strategy Implementation.”

Dr. Oscar Aliaga:

  • With Dr. Michelle Bartlett, presented multiple sessions at the American Education Research Association conference on Workplace Learning and Career/Technical Education.

Dr. Rod Githens:

  • Delivered workshops on Appreciative Inquiry in Panama City, Panama in organizations such as Maersk Sealand, Hewlett Packard, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, and Evergreen Marine Corp.
  • With Dr. Denise Cumberland, presented a research paper at the 2012 Academy of Human Resource Development conference entitled “Exploring Franchise Boards: A Stakeholder Typology.”
  • With Dr. Denise Cumberland, published “Tacit Knowledge Barriers in Franchising: Practical Solutions” in Journal of Workplace Learning. Read the summary or download the full article here: http://ow.ly/aSJM0
  • With Drs. Bruce Jost and Carolyn Rude-Parkins (retired), published “Academic Performance, Age, Gender, and Ethnicity in Online Courses Delivered by Two-Year Colleges” in the Community College Journal of Research and Practice.
  • With Sherry Duffy, presented “Opportunities for Developing Your Workforce” at the ASTD Kentuckiana Chapter monthly meeting in June.

Dr. Ann Herd:

  • Presented a research paper entitled “Fostering Critical Thinking in an Interdisciplinary Wellness Coaching Minor” for the 2012 Ideas to Action Critical Thinking Institute, along with Paula Kommer (HR), Dr. Paul Salmon (Psychology), and Dr. Noell Rowan (Social Work).
  • With Drs. Meera Alagaraja, and Brad Shuck presented the keynote address for the April Louisville Society for Human Resource Management entitled: “Building Bench Strength and Retaining Top Talent.”

Dr. Pradeep Kotamraju:

  • Presented “Applying Labor Market Information: Forecasting High School and Postsecondary Jobs using Career Clusters,” at National Policy Seminar, Association of Career and Technical Education (ACTE), Arlington Virginia, March 2012.
  • Presented “Career Education at the Postsecondary Level: Beginning Post-Secondary Student Outcomes 2004-2009,” at the National Association of Career and Technical Education Information Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon, May 2012.
  • Presented “Describing the Engagement, Achievement, and Transitions of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Students Using a New Typology,” at Association of Career and Technical Education Annual Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, November 2011.
  • Presented “Linking Occupational Information to Educational Programs Using the Career Clusters and Career Pathways Framework: The Crosswalk Validation Project,” at the Tenth National Career Clusters Institute, Washington DC, June 2012.
  • Published “Career Clusters: Forecasting Demand for High School through College Jobs 2008-2018.” Washington DC: Center for the Education and Workforce, Georgetown University, November 2011.
  • Published “Using return on investment (ROI) and other related tools: Guidelines for measuring career and technical education (CTE) internal efficiency and external effectiveness.” Louisville, KY: National Research Center for Career and Technical Education, University of Louisville, June 2012.
  • Published “Vocational education and training quality and evaluation: Its place in the U.S. community college” in A. Barabasch & F. Rauner (Eds.), Work and Education in America: The Art of Integration. (2012).

Dr. Brad Shuck:

  • Delivered workshops Panama City, Panama on Employee Engagement to companies like Proctor & Gamble Latin America, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Copa Airlines, Dell Latin America, and the Panama Canal Authority.
  • Edited an issue of Advances in Developing Human Resources titled “Employee Engagement & HRD” and was awarded outstanding issue of the year.
  • Led the Innovative Session at the 2012 Academy of Human Resource Development conference entitled “Dispelling Common Myths about Quantitative Research and Advancing Best Practices: Sponsored by the Quantitative Research Methods SIG.”
  • Presented “Employee Engagement and the Individual” at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom.
  • Published “Engagement Has Implications for Workplace Learning & Performance,” in the American Society for Training and Development’s LX Briefing Newsletter for Chief Learning Officers.
  • With Angie Shuck and Dr. Thomas Reio, presented a research paper at the 2012 Academy of Human Resource Development conference entitled “Emotional Labor & Performance in the Field of Child Life: Implications for Human Resource & Organizational Development in an Emerging Healthcare Context.”
  • With David Rude and Dr. Ellen Scully-Russ, presented a research paper at the 2012 Academy of Human Resource Development conference entitled “Developing Public Sector Leaders to Engage Employees: A Primary Synthesis of the Literature.”
  • With Dr. Ann Herd published article on “Employee Engagement and Leadership” in Human Resource Development Review.
  • With Dr. Rajashi Ghosh, presented a research paper at the 2012 Academy of Human Resource Development conference entitled “The Jingle Jangle of Employee Engagement: Exploring the Nomological Network of an Emerging Construct & it’s Implications for Organizational Learning and Workplace Performance.”